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tcACCESS - Resetkey

To create the reset key for the licence counter of the tcACCESS host installation the valid tcACCESS host customer name is required.
If you need to know where to find this name, click here or refer directly to the support of B.O.S. Software Service und Vertrieb GmbH.

Retrieving the customer name from the host licence

CICS (z/OS or VSE):

  • Use the entry 'CUSTNM=' of the generation job 'TCACIGEN'
  • Use the entry 'CUSTOMER NAME' then performing the 'TCAS LIC' online request

Monitor system (z/OS only):

  • Use the entry 'CUSTNM=' of the generation job 'TCAVTGEN'
  • Log in to tcACCESS as administrator. The licence information can be found on tab GENERAL

tcACCESS PC client:

  • Use the menu item 'Help-About tcACCESS' and display the page 'host licence'. On this page use the entry 'customer'. A session to the host must be established.

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