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Direct SQL Access to Relational and Non-Relational Mainframe Data from LUW and Web Applications


Most transactional data is stored on mainframes. In times of digitalization the integration of mainframe data into heterogeneous systems is a central task.

tcACCESS offers direct access to IBM mainframe data from LUW applications, web services and SOA using standard interfaces like ODBC, JDBC and .NET. tcACCESS requires neither mainframe knowledge nor programming effort.

Field of application: reports based on topical mainframe data, application modernization, SOA, office integration.



  • Comfortable data mapping to elicit data structures from copybooks, data dictionaries, schema-files, etc.
  • Virtual tables for OCCURS, OCCURS DEPENDING ON, Multiple Fields for Adabas, Periodic Groups for Adabas, descriptors, sub- and super-descriptors.
  • Automatic detection of re-defines.
  • Automatic analysis of IMS/DLI PSB and DBD to choose the optimal access strategy.
  • Integrated central repository for the management of meta data (structure information).
  • Intuitive MS-Windows based user interface for administration.
  • No additional middleware required.
  • Extensive SQL support for IBM mainframe data sources like DB2, VSAM, IMS/DB, DL/I, ADABAS, IDMS/DB, DATACOM/DB and others.
  • ODBC/JDBC driver/server access (read/write) to IBM mainframe data without programming efforts from client-server, web and SOA applications.
  • Support of joins of several data sources in one SQL query - e.g. VSAM und IMS/DB.
  • Replacement for complex middleware solutions; simple call of mainframe programs from client-server and web applications through standard APIs.
  • Simple SQL access with CICS/IMS programs to data sources on LUW like Oracle, DB2/UDB, Sybase, MS-SQL Server, etc.
  • Stored Procedures support; simple call of existing business logic (mainframe programs) from client/server or web applications.
  • SAF-interface: mainframe access control (e.g. RACF, TOP SECRET, ACF2) also active when using "new technologies".
  • MQ-Series support; optional data exchange using message queues.
  • Web services support; direct JDBC access to all mainframe data from web applications.
  • Support of web application servers, e.g. Websphere, Tomcat or BEA. Simple implementation of mainframe access using standard J2EE data sources.
  • SQL- access to 3270 screen content (screen scraping) via ODBC/JDBC that can be used with client/server, web and SOA applications.
  • Automatic generation of structure information from copybooks, data dictionaries, DBD and PSB modules for IMS/DB and DL/I.
  • Simple usage of "views" - pre-defined on-demand-SQL-queries of mainframe data sources of all kinds for end users.
  • Comfortable up- and download function to exchange data between PC and mainframe.
  • Scheduler support and Listener function on mainframe and client for bidirectional automated data exchange.



  • Direct access to relational and non-relational data without mainframe knowhow.
  • No programming effort for mainframe data access from LUW or cloud based client-server and web applications.
  • Direct access of mainframe data avoids data redundancy and replication.
  • Central mainframe data security.
  • Fast modernization of 3270 application interfaces.
  • Fast migration of applications to LUW platforms.
  • Usage of new skills for application development that is connected to mainframe data.


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