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B.O.S. Products support the new version of z/OS 2.3


The most recent version of the z/OS operating system (Version 2.3) is generally available since September 29, 2017. in addition to new functions and technical enhancements IBM positions the new operating system flagship as an answer to the “rapid evolution toward hybrid IT architectures”.

Both B.O.S. solutions tcVISION and tcACCESS support this new version of the z/OS operating system.

Heinrich von Parseval, CTO and Director Research & Development: „It has always been our constant effort to provide a timely support for new versions of the IBM z/OS AND z/VSE operating systems. This support is important for customers who want to perform an immediate upgrade to the new version. This B.O.S. philosophy basically applies to all operating system platforms used by our software solutions (refer to:“.

Customers of tcACCESS and tcVISION who are already using or planning to use z/OS 2.3 can download the current product versions from


tcACCESS and tcVISION listed under „Software developers supporting z/OS V2R3“


IBM publishes a list of all software products which support the new version 2.3 of the z/OS operating system. Follow this link to the list.

Elisabeth Schwarz, Managing Director of B.O.S.: „It is our claim and ambition to provide a timely support for new releases of operating systems for our software solutions. In the case of z/OS 2.3 we have provided this support in time – like we always have in the past. Both B.O.S. solutions tcACCESS and tcVISION have been included by IBM in the directory of software developers supporting z/OS 2.3.“

Customers of tcACCESS and tcVISION who are already using or planning to use z/OS 2.3 can download the current product versions from


B.O.S. supports IBM's new POWER8 platform


“IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications. Today’s business leaders demand servers designed for big data that are optimized, secure, and adapt to changing workload requirements.”*

The software solutions from B.O.S. help customers share their data in realtime across multiple platforms including mainframe, distributed, Hadoop and Cloud.

B.O.S. supports the new Power8 platform with their software solutions. Heinrich von Parseval, CTO and Director Research & Development: “We are impressed by Linux on IBM Power8 and the high performance and scalability of this trend-setting technology.”

Read the complete statement from Mr. von Parseval – concerning IBM Power8 – here (Letter B):

* Quote from IBM


tcVISION supports SAP Hana


With tcVISION mainframe data and data from the distributed applications environment (LUW) can now be replicated or migrated easily and quickly to SAP Hana. There is no programming effort required.

  • No additional middleware required
  • The data volume is reduced to a minimum (compressed and transferred in "raw format").
  • Comprehensive data mapping simplifies the selection of data and creates transparency.
  • Intuitive user interface and various wizards reduce the implementation time to a minimum.
  • Automatic character conversion between the systems and platforms.
  • The integration of data from different source data models (relational and non-relational) on different platforms to SAP Hana is fully supported.


PostgreSQL support in tcVISION is available now


tcVISION replicates data on the basis of changes in real-time and automatically implements the changes into the target systems. From now on the object-oriented, relational DBMS is also supported – it is available as Open Source and therefore a cost and licence free alternative to relational DBMS in the client server environment that require a licence. PostgreSQL is supported as source and target of a data replication or synchronisation with tcVISION. The PostgreSQL Change Data Capture option is an optional component of tcVISION; It automatically captures changes in the PostgreSQL DBMS and replicates them into the respective target systems. The PostgreSQL APPLY option is available for the implementation of data from other data sources in the distributed environment with PostgreSQL as target, such as mainframe DB2, Adabas, IMS/DB, VSAM, Oracle, DB2 LUW, etc. Therefore PostgreSQL users can exchange data in heterogeneous system environments easily and quickly without programming effort. The migration from an existing DBMS in PostgreSQL is also easily realisable. Special database knowhow is not required.


tcVISION now supports IAM Files – a solution of Innovation Data Processing


“The Innovation Access Method (IAM) is a transparent alternative to VSAM KSDS, ESDS and (as a cost option) AIX and RRDS files. The savings achieved over VSAM can vary, but IAM typically uses 40-80% less I/Os, 20-70% less CPU and 30-70% less DASD. Savings in batch elapsed times and online response times can range from 20-80%.“ (INNOVATION Data Processing)

Users of IAM files now have the possibility of replicating data into any DBMS and NoSQL DBMS systems in the distributed systems environment as well as into Cloud and Hadoop platforms in real-time. Thus, latest technology can easily be used for Analytics and Business Intelligence. tcVISION also supports bidirectional synchronization between IAM files and DBMS in the distributed environment. Therefore data between – for example – Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 LUW, Informix, Adabas LUW can be synchronized in real-time without programming effort. The transparent integration of IAM files in a heterogeneous system environment can be easily and quickly implemented.


Fully Integrated Connection of Mainframe Data to Apache Kafka


tcVISION now allows streaming change data directly to Apache Kafka.
new features:

  • propagate change data to Apache Kafka in real-time
  • the currently supported protocols are JSON, Avro and CSV
  • connection using official interfaces ensures a fast and simple implementation
  • any data source supported by tcVISION can be used as data source:
    • mainframe: Adabas, DB2, VSAM, CICS, DATACOM, IMS and others
    • open systems: Adabas, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 LUW and others


Replication of Data to MongoDB


tcVISION now fully supports MongoDB as a replication target
new features:

  • join several tables into one MongoDB document
  • no message queueing necessary
  • no additional middleware required
  • available for UNIX/Linux and Windows
  • load processes can be parallelized for highly efficient data transfer
  • integrated key management for non indexed data
  • detailed monitoring, logging and integrated alert notification


Direct Access to Mainframe Data from Hadoop Systems


The tcACCESS JDBC server now supports direct access to mainframe data from Hadoop systems.
Neue Features:

  • JDBC access to relational mainframe data e.g. DB2
  • JDBC to non relational mainframe data like e.g. Adabas, VSAM, DATACOM, IMS, etc.
  • access to mainframe data is completely transparent via the JDBC driver
  • no additional middleware required
  • Hadoop developers do not need mainframe knowledge


B.O.S. User Symposium 2016


The User Symposium was held in Munich from June 6 to 7, 2016. Like all other past Symposiums B.O.S. and the users actively participated in the event. Interesting presentations and user experiences together with presentations about new versions of tcACCESS and tcVISION, the current challenges IT is facing like BIG Data, Cloud, databases were the highlights of the successful Symposium.

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