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tcACCESS – SQL Technology

View Technology

User-specific SQL queries can be defined with the tcACCESS administration application and stored as a “view”. The end user can execute this view and get the data exactly at the time he needs it. An icon on his desktop might be a link to the tcACCESS view. Simply clicking on this icon would automatically execute the view and make the data available to the user.

Using this technique, data from different data sources can be joined and retrieved in the form of a logical table. The end user does not need to know how the data is physically structured, where it resides, how many physical files are involved and what access method to use. He simply works with his “view” when he needs the data in his spreadsheet application. 


Areas of use

With the Open System Transparency component of tcACCESS mainframe data sources AND databases from an OpenSystem platform can be joined and used as a view.

Transparent data views for the application developer and end-user
Data security: only fields relevant to the end user are part of a view
Performance: Optimized access strategy is part of a view
Cross platform data views
Views are stored centrally and are available for global use