The Challenge:

Growing heterogeneity of system environments caused by new technologies

IBM Mainframe, MS-Windows, Unix, Linux, Cloud-Architectures, Hadoop Technologies, Big Data data sources

Data Diversity, new data formats: structured and unstructured

High availability, high demand for up-to-date information: Real-time analysis, real-time reporting, Big Data, B2B

The Solution:

Bi-directional Synchronization, Data Exchange, Data Distribution

The Technology:

The data integration platform for heterogeneous system environments

Central Repository for existing data models and modeling rules

Automatic or rule based data transformation

Efficient data exchange: Change Data Capture Technologies (Focus on Changed Data)

Replication methods: 1:1, 1:n, n:n, Warehouse replication

Complete transparency about all data movements (i.e. Good Logs, Bad Logs)

High performance and cost effective data exchange because of integrated Workload Balancing across system boundaries; load removal for the mainframe

Cost reduction due to efficient usage of decentralized computer capacities for data transformation

Automatisation through integrated monitoring and threshold control mechanisms

Protection against data losses if target systems are unavailable

Audit trails and protocols about all data movements. Control of success and error analysis available for automatic problem determination and management

Complete automation of the data exchange process including Extract-Transformation-Apply - protocol

Single-Step data exchange operation comprehensibly documented.




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